Hole 9 Map
Hole 9 - Par 4

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.


Black Path

This is the common way to play the hole. Get as far out as possible. It's very important to get beyond the trees to have a clear second shot into the green. The more the trees come into play, the more curl you'll need to use on your second shot. If you have a left to right wind, make sure to not use max right spin on your approach otherwise you'll risk falling down the right slope and leave yourself with a very difficult chip.

White Path

A very aggresive way to play the hole that REQUIRES tailwind and a driver with a lot of topspin. You'll need at least 14mph in tailwind and 6-7 of topspin on your driver. Bounce your shot in the rough on the far side of the lake to place yourself for a short chip.