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14 March 2018
Wind Chart Correction

The Min/Mid values for short irons generated in the Wind Chart Creator have been adjusted! The values are now 50% and 75% instead of 75% and 87.5%. Be sure to update your copy! Special thanks to Jonas Peterson for noticing the error!

08 March 2018
St. Patrick's Tournament!

St. Patrick's tournament holes and notesheets are now available! Check them out here.

22 February 2018
Hollywood Tournament!

Hollywood tournament holes and notesheets are now available! Check them out here.

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This site was built because there is a lot of great content on the web to help you along your way but it's all pretty scattered. This site attempts to organize it all so you can spend a little less time searching and a little more time learning.

This site is very much a work in progress and wouldn't be possible without the great work already done by other golf clash players. As you look through the site you'll probably see a lot of filler text. That's to let you know that it needs to be filled in and you can do it!

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Animated Hole Guides

When you run into a tricky hole, find it in the notebook and you'll see which ways will lead you to success.

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Tournament Note Sheets

A quick printout will get you set up to take all the notes you'll need to conquer any holes that get thrown your way.

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Club Ranking

Completely customizable ranking tool will show you which clubs you should be using on the course.

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Ball Ranking

Tell it what attributes you're looking for in a ball and it'll find you a match made in heaven.

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A few shoutouts to people whose contributions to the community have made this site what it is. A big thank you!

Team Golf Clash Tommy

They do a lot of amazing work creating guides to help a lot of people.

Joni Koskinen

His club stat spreadsheet helped fill in some missing holes.


For coming up with an FAQ structure that makes sense and getting a lot of great answers.

A full list of site contributors can be found on the Contributors page.