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How Can You Help?

There are a lot of different ways you can help improve the quality of this site. Any effort made by you is greatly appreciated. Fixing simple spelling mistakes, adding new hole guides, adding tour advice, etc. are all tasks that take time and the more people who can contribute, the better this site will become.

The easiest way to help out it to send an e-mail to oi.koobetonhsalcflog@etubirtnoc. I'll listen to any ideas, take any missing chests on the chart, club descriptions, etc. If you're used to using GitHub then you can open an issue and describe what problem(s) you see or what could be added that would improve the overall quality of the site. This will require a Github account. If you don't have one already, you can create one here. Once you create an issue, I'll work on getting a response back to you about what can be done to fix the problem.

Another place to start is search for the words 'Help Wanted' in the code base and see what you find. I've tried marking most simple issues with that phrase (e.g. club, ball and tour descriptions).

King Makers

Heroes among us who've made the site better through content and ideas!

Kevin Conner
Wind Chart data points.
John Doyle
Error bounty hunter.
Alan England
Content review.
Michael Froman
Club data spreadsheet formulas.
Anthony Giombetti
Tour data.
Jonny German
Division stats, chest data.
Steven Green
Division stats.
Andrew Hodge
Wind Chart layout innovations.
Zachary Jones
Overpower tool, wind chart & lots more.
Joni Koskinen
Club data spreadsheet.
Robbie Lee
UI improvement ideas.
Scott Marler
Data Corrections.
Heath Miller
Lucas Newells
Chest stats.
Steve Olson
Number overlays on ball attribute icons.
Jonas Peterson
Wind chart corrections.
Team Golf Clash Tommy
Tournament & Hole guides.

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