Hole 7 Map
Hole 7 - Par 3

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.


Black Path

This is the path to take with headwind or if you're using a driver without a lot of curl. Use 1-2 bars of topspin and max left sidespin. Bounce over the rough and your ball should feed right down towards the pin.

White Path

With sidewind or tailwind this is the best way to play the hole. Use 4+ backspin along with max left sidespin. With straight tailwind, use about 50% left curl and with a right to left wind you still should not use max curl.

Blue Path

This may be a better option when you get a wind from left to right. Use max right sidespin with 1 - 3 bars of backspin. Bounce over the water and down to the pin.

Yellow Path

This is generally only an option in the Rookie division where winds are low. Place your first bounce on the island and let the ball run out towards the pin. Keep in mind that the bounce on the island is inconsistent and unreliable.