Answers to the most common Golf Clash questions.

How should I spend my gems?

In general the only time you should spend your gems is to buy balls in the shop. NEVER buy the Gold/Platinum/King chests available in the store. It's all random and you could very well end up only getting cards from Tours 1-4. You would be better off saving the gems and using them to speed open chests of the same level. Instead of splurging 4100 gems on a Tour 8 King chest in the shop, you could save them and speed open 205 Tour 8 chests once you start playing that tour!

If you do the math, the King Chest would give you 107 cards with at least 7 epics, 44 rares. Over the course of the 205 Tour 8 chests (we'll assume 20% are gold which is a conservative estimate) you would receive at least 4264 cards and 328 rares. You would also certainly receive a minimum of 7 epics during that stretch and probably a lot more than 7. It's not even close as to which option is the better value. Just continue to grind and your clubs will get better.

So the point is, save your gems for balls, maybe an occasional speed opening of a chest and you can definitely set yourself up for success.

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How do I manage my bankroll?

A good piece of advice you'll always hear floating around is to never risk more than 10% of your current bankroll on a match. That means to play Tour 4, which has a 3,000 entry fee, you should always have at least 30,000 coins in you bank. It's too easy to risk it all, lose and get stuck in Tour 1 playing replays that never make mistakes.

If you're moving up into a new tour and lose your first couple matches (which is totally normal), move back down to the lower tour and build your bank up again. If you want to avoid having to move down like that, wait until you have 15x or 20x the bankroll you need. Whatever works for you. But once you go on a hard losing streak, don't just blindly mash the buttons to start up another game. Check how many coins you have left, and drop down if you have to. It will save you a lot of pain and frustration in the end.

Lastly, here are two really great resources to watch/read that will expand on this answer:

When should I move up to Tour 'X'?

This is related to the question about about bankroll management. Wait until you have at least 10x the tour entry fee in your bank. In addition to bankroll considerations, if you move up too fast, your clubs will quickly become overmatched by your opponents and you'll find yourself losing matches. If you're unsure if your clubs are good enough you can always fire out post on Reddit to see what other people think.

Where can I find stats for all the clubs?

In addition to Golf Clash Notebook, you can find very good spreadsheets here and a more in depth one here.

How long did it take you to upgrade your putter?

There is no putter upgrade. There is one and ONLY one putter.

What are the odds of getting a Silver / Gold / Platinum chest?

With absolutely no data to back it up, a rough estimate for the odds of getting each chest from a 1 vs. 1 match are:


What clubs can I get in a Pin Chest?

Any club from the highest tour you have unlocked can appear in the pin chest. You don't even need to play that tour. For example, once you unlock tour seven, any club can be found in a pin chest. The tour you get your pins in doesn't matter for the clubs, but it does for the coins and gems. The higher tour, the more gems and coins.

I adjusted according to the wind per ring calculation (1 ring per 1 MPH) biut it was still off, why?

The listed adjustment figures assume maximum club power, and a level terrain. If you are using less than the clubs max power, the adjustment is less. If you're shooting uphill the adjustment is less. If you're shooting downhill the adjustment is more.

I checked a player's stats and saw their longest drive was an unrealistic number (like 1000) yards. Is this a cheat? If not, how did it happen?

This is a known issue and not a cheat. A while back there was a bug that caused crazy wind (like 1700 mph) on some holes. The ball would blow completely off the course and crash the game.

My opponent ran out of time on his shot, but somehow wound up on the green!

This is a known issue and not a cheat. Occasionally your device will fail to receive your opponent's shot, it is a network sync issue. This makes it look like they have timed out and why their next shot looks so strange.

I think I am playing a bot/replay. How can I tell?

This is a known issue and not a cheat. The guaranteed way to tell is if you see the ball spin overlay flash up briefly just prior to your opponent's shot, as others have mentioned. You generally don't see it on their initial drive but it will definitely happen on most or all of their subsequent shots, including the putt. It looks like this or this, and will always show full topspin. You'll never see this playing against a live opponent, but will always see it against a replay.

Another indicator is that your opponent doesn't use emojis when you expect, or send oddly timed emojis (they're just out of sync emojis from their previous game). The ball basket also might occasionally pop up in-between their shots as well. These don't always happen, but you definitely notice when you do.

Also, replays where the player will run the timer down to zero, but it'll stay on zero for several seconds while the replay finishes taking their shot.

And if it's taken more than about 30 seconds to find a match up, there's a good chance you'll be playing against a replay, which you'll know for sure as soon as you either see or don't see the ball spin overlay pop up prior to your opponent's second shot. This is possible.

What happens when there are no players available in 1v1?

Very rarely, in less than 3.9% of all games, there are no live players close enough to your trophy level to start a game quickly. In this situation, we will match you against an opponent with a similar trophy level who played the hole recently but who isn't online at that moment.

We are able to do this because we store the shots that players take on each hole they play. This opponent is selected randomly, and we try to make the experience as close as possible to playing a live player - the goal being that the overall win rate is in line with the live player vs live player experience. The outcome of the match will only affect the Trophies, Coins and stats of the live player.

The GolfClash FAQ on Matchmaking

When will The Apocalypse / Cataclysm / Endbringer / show up in the club shop?

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Common acronyms and expressions you'll find in Golf Clash forums.

The Extra Mile
The Big Topper
The Quarterback
Thor's Hammer
The Apocalypse (e.g. AP4 mean The Apocalypse level 4)
The Big Dawg
The Cataclysm
The Backbone
The Endbringer
Lv. or @
Level of the club
T# / Tour #
The tour the club is unlocked, with the # indicating the tour.
C / Cu
BG / G
Ball Guide