Hole 7 Map
Hole 7 - Par 3

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.

Big Dawg

Black Path

This is a very tricky par 3. This approach is the most common way to play the hole. You need both curl and sidespin to pull this one off. With driver use 2 bars of backspin and with a wood use 0.5 bars.

White Path

This is probably the easiest way get a hole in one, and is probably the best way to play the hole with a left to right wind. Use a couple bars of right sidespin and 2 bars of backspin with a driver. With a wood, use topspin instead.

Blue Path

This is an option with a driver with at least 70 in backspin. You can land directly on the green and take the bunkers out of play. With tailwind, you'll want a driver with at least 80 in backspin.