Hole 1 Map
Hole 1 - Par 4

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.
Big Dawg

Black Path

This is the most common way to play the hole. The fairway slopes down to the right so be sure to stay away from the rough and bunker. Be sure to have a wood with a lot of curl. Use full backspin, left sidewind and left curl. This is one of the most difficult second shots in the game so don't get discouraged if you miss it.

White Path

With a left to right tail wind this is an option. Use a good amount of right curl and right sidespin along with max topspin. That will leave you with an "easy" wood shot into the green.

Blue Path

The tee shot is the same as the black path but with a left to right wind, it may not be possible to get the needed curl for the second shot shown in the black path. Here, you use 5-7 bars of topspin with max right sidespin and use the rough patch between the bunkers to get the ball up onto the green.