Hole 8 Map
Hole 8 - Par 4

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.

Black Path

Without tailwind, this is the only way to play the hole. Layup with the drive. The key will be your second shot into the green. With your long iron, aim a little more left of the pin then you normally would, as the ball will fall down to the left. Use 4-6 bars of backspin and use the slope on the green to let it fall down to the hole. Also have in mind that with a downhill chip around the green, the ball will be affected more by the wind.

White Path

With tailwind, you should get aggressive and go for the green. From the first and second tees you can use a hook shot or a regular drive with full left spin and left curl. Use 5 bars of topspin for your drive since a tailwind will give your ball a big boost, and can go over the green with too much topspin.