Hole 3 Map
Hole 3 - Par 5

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.
Big Topper

Extra Mile

White Path

With tailwind or sidewind (or if you're not comfortable with the black path), use this approach. Use as much power and topspin as possible on your drive. You'll need to get as far as you can to be able to reach the green with your second shot. You'll want to put a wood with a lot of distance in your bag as well.

Black Path

With sidewind or headwind you can aim at the beginning of the island. Use max backspin to make your ball stop before it hits the rough on the far side of the island. From there, you'll have a wood into the green. The second shot wind adjustment should be about 25-30% more due to the elevation change.

Blue Path

With a tailwind you can get more aggresive and use max topspin to bounce on the island and over to the next fairway. With a lot of tailwind and a lot of topspin, you may be able to get the ball to the green.