Hole 7 Map

Southern Pines

Hole 7 - Par 4 (4B)

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.
Big Dawg

BEWARE! The green slopes severely right to left so keep your approach shot to the right!

Black Path

This is a tough hole. With headwind or sidewind going left is the best way to go. Use full topspin and some left sidespin with your drive. You want to get as close to the rough as possible but NOT in it. That will leave you with a wood into the green. You'll need a wood with plenty of distance.

White Path

Only play this path with tailwind and you can go directly over the creek. Use max topspin to get as far up the fairway as possible. That will likely leave you with a short iron for your second shot.

Blue Path

This is a riskier route where you aim between the bunkers and use a good amount of topspin to get over to the next fairway. You'll need at least 5 bars of topspin to pull it off. You'll have a short or long iron into the green.