Hole 4 Map

Southern Pines

Hole 4 - Par 5 (5B)

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.
Big Dawg

Black Path

This is the most common way to play the hole. Lay up as close to the rough on the left as possible. From there, you'll need a wood with good accuracy and ball guide. It's important to keep your second shot out of the rough and bunkers. That will leave you with an easy approach to the green.

White Path

With a tailwind you can go ALL IN. Carry the bunker with your drive and leave your ball close to the 2nd black mark. From there, or even shorter, you can get to the green in two. You'll need a wood with good distance to reach.

Blue/Orange Path

This is a somewhat less common route. Play your drive up as close to the rough on the right as possible. From there, depending on the wind, you can choose to either continue up the right fairway or cross over the water. If you opt to go right, you'll need a wood with a lot of distance as the shot is LOOONG.