Hole 8 Map
Hole 8 - Par 4

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.


Black Path

This is a very tough par 4 with a fairway that slopes severely from right to left so you'll need to use curl and sidespin to straighten out you drive once it hits the fairway. Landing in the rough or bunker on your drive will mean you won't reach the green in 2. For you second shot, go with the Guardian if it's level 4+. Go on the right side with curl and left sidespin. Use 3 - 4 bars of backspin and use the back of the fairway to make the ball fall nicely down to the green.

White Path

This is the more aggressive approach. Use the fairway in front of the green and use 6 - 7 bars of backspin to keep the ball on the green. You can also go directly on the green with max backspin and let the back of the green to roll the ball back down to the pin.