Hole 7 Map
Hole 7 - Par 4

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.


Black Path

If you don't want to play aggressively, you should go straight ahead with 4-6 bars of topspin, combined with a small amount of right curl. For the second shot, you NEED to have a club with a lot of backspin. The reason is that the sliver of fairway just before the green is uphill and will trick you, so avoid it. With a lot of backspin on your long or short iron you will be able to go directly onto the green (possibly with a dunk).

White Path

With tailwind or side/tailwind to the right you can play this hole more aggressively. Apply a good amount of curl to the right along with max topspin and right sidespin. You'll want to get really close to the green for a second shot with a short iron or wedge. This will give you a good opportunity for an eagle.