Hole 6 Map
Hole 6 - Par 5

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.


Black Path

This is the common way to play the hole. Use sidespin and a small amount of curl (depending on the wind) to bounce over the rough and into the fairway. From there, aim for the rough just in front of the green. With a wood, use 0.5 in backspin and with a long iron use 2 in topspin. This will give you the best chance at an albatross. And of course, stay AWAY from the water!

White Path

With difficult wind, bounce before the rough on the left and land just before the bunker. From there, it's easier to bounce off the small island fairway and onto the green. Use between 1 and 2 in topspin for the second shot and use the back of the green to let the ball fall down towards the pin.