Hole 1 Map

The Oasis

Hole 1 - Par 5 (5)

Guide courtesy of Team Golf Clash Tommy.

Big Dawg

Black Path

This is typically how you should play this hole. Bounce over the rough and over to the second fairway. Don't use any more than 4 bars of topsin or you'll risk running through the fairway into the rough or bunker in which case you won't be able to reach the green in 2. With a tailwind don't use any more than 3 bars of topspin. You'll have a wood into the green. Use some right sidespin on your approach to avoid the rough and greenside bunker.

White Path

This is a possibility when you get a powerful left to right wind with some tail wind. If you have some curl on your driver you can put your drive close to the marker in the picture. The second shot is definitely harder from this position.