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What is this and why should I care?

Watching guides on how to play holes in a tournament is a great way to improve your finishing position. However, not every tutorial uses the same clubs that you have. This can make it tricky to judge what adjustments you need to make in terms of balls and over powering your shot to try and mimic the land zone you see in the guide. That's where this tool can help you!

A perfect example is a guide using an Apocalypse 5+ with a high powered ball and small, to no over power applied and you're still sporting level 3/4, Thor's Hammer or maybe an Extra Mile. It can be difficult to judge how to match the 240 yards or carry you get with the high level Apoc.

The first step is to recreate as best you can, the club, level and ball power that you watched in the guide. Using the other club in this tool, pick the club you want to use and switch up the ball power and amount of overpower, to try and match the overall carry distance which you can see below the shot images. Once you've done that, you'll have an educated estimate on how to replicate the shot shown in the guide with the clubs/balls you have available.

For an in depth walk through using this tool, check out Zachary Jones' YouTube tutorial.

What will this tool NOT do for me?

While this tool can get you in the ballpark of where you need to be, it's still only an estimate. Other factors like elevation and even slight wind speed and angle variations can have a significant impact on how your shot will play out. This tool will not make your shot for you so ultimately it's up to you to execute!

Once you've matched a shot up you'll want to make a note of what ball and amount of over power you need to apply. You can remember the position of the ball in relation to the screen or the color of the needle as it shifts from white to yellow and red (just remember that there can be significant variations within the same needle color). Be as precise as possible but of course, your main focus should be getting a shot you're confident with off before you run out of time.

In the near future, wind will be added to this tool so you can simulate what impact varying wind speeds and directions will have. Until then, and even after, always be aware of the subtle wind changes you come across as well as differences in ball wind resistance when trying to recreate a shot.